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Third party, neutral perspective

Reliable & Professional Cleaning Services in Northampton

Reliable & professional

The Xtreme Cleaning team are always polite, friendly and professional, leaving your property as they’d hope to find it themselves.

Flexible Cleaning Solutions in Northampton

Flexible solutions

Our bespoke cleaning plans are transparent from the off, with no hidden costs and the abilty to change with your needs.

Cleaners who pay close attention to detail in Northampton

Attention to detail

When it comes to a clean home, office or rental property Xtreme Cleaning Ltd dot the i’s and cross the t’s; leaving no stone unturned.

Property Inspection Services in Northampton

Property inspections are a necessary part of letting your property. Landlords and Agents alike need to inspect their properties on a regular basis to make sure the investment is safe and protected. Equally tenants can rest assured that their home is safe to inhabit and that any problems can be detected early and dealt with before they get any worse.

Actually carrying out a property inspection is a time consuming and often difficult process. Tenants are never going to be keen on having someone enter their home and poke around, who would? As a Landlord or Letting Agent your relationship with your tenants is key so picking up on something during an inspection can feel awkward or unpleasant.

Neutral point of view

Xtreme Cleaning Ltd run these checks on your behalf and act as a ‘middleman’ between a Landlord or Agent and your tenants. Acting as a third-party neutral inspector means that you don’t have to take the ‘blame’ if something is picked up that the tenant is unhappy with, you can point that right back at us!

After each inspection, you will be provided with photographic evidence of any issues found. We will check back against your agreed inventory, and look out for things like cleanliness, mould or damp and any small but significant issues such as marks on the carpet, does the toilet flush or are there any dripping taps? We will also look out for any signs of pets (checking to see if they have permission to keep them) or alarm bells that you as a Landlord or Letting Agent might like to be aware of.

Minor issues can be monitored over time but if it more significant issues are spotted (things that you would act on if you lived there yourself) then we can report back to you to deal with it directly.

Rental property inspection services in Northampton
  • Stress free property inspections
  • Third-party inspection protects both Tenants and Landlords or Agents
  • Reduce your ongoing maintenance costs by spotting issues early
  • Keep informed without having to visit the property yourself
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