Every detail listed & reported

Reliable & Professional Cleaning Services in Northampton

Reliable & professional

The Xtreme Cleaning team are always polite, friendly and professional, leaving your property as they’d hope to find it themselves.

Flexible Cleaning Solutions in Northampton

Flexible solutions

Our bespoke cleaning plans are transparent from the off, with no hidden costs and the abilty to change with your needs.

Cleaners who pay close attention to detail in Northampton

Attention to detail

When it comes to a clean home, office or rental property Xtreme Cleaning Ltd dot the i’s and cross the t’s; leaving no stone unturned.

Tenancy Inventory Management Services in Northampton

Taking an inventory when renting out a property can be a time consuming and laborious task; updating it, reviewing it and keeping on top of it can be a total pain. It’s not just itemising every single item, there are photographs that need to be taken and then everything needs to be stored safely ready to check back against at the end of the tenancy.

Make sure everything is noted down in minute detail at the beginning of a new tenancy agreement. This is then signed off so there is no room for confusion; everyone knows it is correct and ready to sign off before your new tenant moves in. Furthermore depending on the length of the tenancy and the state of the property when it comes to doing your final property inspection any issues can be raised by either party and quoted against for any work that needs to be completed (e.g. cleaning, decorating, repairs etc.).

Every detail listed and reported

By using Xtreme Cleaning Ltds Inventory Management Service, you won’t need to worry about listing every detail of the property you are about to let. Xtreme Cleaning Ltd will come in and create a professional report for you with a photograph of each individual item, time stamped and submitted to our system as evidence should it ever be required.

These reports are then used to complete both interim and final checks once the tenancy has been completed and is a working document that can be referred back to as the tenancy progresses.

  • Peace of mind for Landlords, Agents and Tenants alike
  • Stress free itemisation by an unbiased third party
  • Digital timestamps can be used as evidence at a later date
  • Photographs of each item listed
  • Cover both interim and final checks
  • Never hear the phrase “It wasn’t like that when I / you moved in” again…
To discuss how our Inventory Management Service can help smooth the process of letting your property, call our friendly team today on:
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