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Professional carpet cleaning

Fresh clean carpets

Beautiful carpets in your home not only complement the decor and create a warm and cosy atmosphere, but also keep your house warm during those cold winter months. However, with time dust and dirt accumulates on the carpets; and a dirty carpet can spoil the ambience and make the home feel messy and unclean.  To get quality carpet cleaning services at a reasonable price, get in touch with Xtreme Cleaning Ltd in Northampton and get a fresh clean feel in your home.

Expert cleaning for upholstery and carpets

•  Comprehensive carpet cleaning

•  Steam wash cleaning

•  Curtains and upholstery

•  Sofas and mattresses

•  Very reasonable prices

•  Professional cleaners

•  Regular cleaning contracts

•  Prompt services

•  Complete domestic cleaning 

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Complete cleaning solutions

If you are anywhere in and around Northampton, you can rely on us for all your cleaning needs. Whether for your home or office, our services will always leave your carpet spotless and pristine.

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As well as home carpet cleaning, the friendly team at Xtreme Cleaning Ltd will also take care of the furniture and carpet cleaning requirements for commercial spaces and offices.

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